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How much do you charge? Each event has different needs.  Prices vary according your needs, season, day of the week, type of location, schedule, event type, number of guests, necessary equipment, and access difficulties. We will gladly create a free estimate according to your needs.

Mi evento es latino o mixto, hacen animación en ambos idiomas? Nuestro servicio es totalmente bilingüe para cualquier anuncio o participación nuestra que desee. Mickey Domínguez viene de Puerto Rico con más de 30 años de experiencia en eventos latinos y contamos con toda la música popular en demanda. Sus peticiones son bienvenidas y creamos listas especiales musicales de acuerdo a sus deseos.

How long do you perform? Usually 3-5 hrs. Depending on your needs for ceremony music, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. 

What music do you play? The most requested hits and the best music of all time. Up-to-date with EDM, teens, and the young.  The best of today’s TOP 40’s & Hip Hop. Huge Latin library with Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cumbias, “Puerto Rico Ochentoso y Marquesina” & more. Music from the 50’s, to the best in 60’s Rock and Roll.  From the 70’s  all the famous Disco, Motown, Hustle, and all Retro Classics.  All popular genres of the ’80s including New Wave, Country, Rock, Top 40’s hard to find remixes & Freestyle.  All the “Party Fun Classics” such as Macarena, Electric Slide, Shuffles, and Calypso. Huge Romantic and Nostalgic songs library. Many options for background, ceremonies or instrumental music and more.

Do you alternate with other bands and orchestras? Yes.  We ask, however, that if there are other musicians, please inform them that we’ll be sharing the stage and electricity – if they will be in our set-up area.

Do you offer lighting service? We offer a dance floor lighting package.

How many events have you done? If you add the experience between Mickey and Dave the result would be about 50 combined years doing all kinds of events, from birthdays to concerts with thousands of people.

What sound system will you bring me? The right one for your venue and crowd size.  We have different sizes of professional grade sound systems, which we combine for best results. 

Is your sound too loud? No. The volume level is of primary concern, and is adjusted constantly as the environment and energy level dictate throughout your event.  We suggest however, to locate elderly and sensitive people away from the immediate area of the sound system set-up, for best results

Is there an extra charge for distances beyond Central Florida? After an interview, we’ll quote the best all-inclusive service package beyond Central Florida.

Is there a charge for time spent on venues during set- up and equipment removal? No. It is already included in our quoted rate.  (A 4-hour performance, for example, will involve 8 to 10 hours of total time.)

What do you need me to provide? All of our equipment is transported on wheels, and as such, ground-level venues are not an issue.  If we are in rooms above ground-level, we’ll need access by ramps or elevators during our set-up and equipment removal time-frame.  Any engagement upstairs without elevators or ramps will require more time and personnel, incurring an extra charge. We need Electricity.  20 amps minimum power outlet for lights and sound, with a receptacle less than 50 feet from the stage.  The circuit cannot be shared.

What space does your equipment occupy? 15 to 20 feet across by 8 feet deep, for our full system.  We are very flexible, but in case of less space, please notify us. For a better party, have us set-up right at the edge of the dance floor. We are good presentation of sound and lighting gear with interactive MCs. With this space you will maximize results.

Should I provide food to the entertainers? It is not necessary, but we always appreciate the invitation. We’d rather not eat in front of your guests, if possible. We do not consume alcohol.

Do you have insurance? Yes. A copy of our coverage is available upon request.

Can we meet to discuss details? Yes.  If possible, an initial face-to-face meeting is always a good idea.

Do you do the announcing of the bride/groom/bridal party, etc.? Yes.  All of the announcing demands are handled by us, with live crowd interaction throughout the engagement.

Is music/extra gear available for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or dinner hour? Yes. A modest additional fee will cover any or all of these situations.

If I want to choose songs, what do I have to do? Search on the web all the musical links you would like and send them to us by email. We will gladly make a playlist for you. Submit your list to us no later than 1 weeks before your event.

If there is a guest musician/vocalist, can we provide a microphone? Yes.  Most arrangements for guests performing can be made at no extra charge, if we’re notified in advance.  Usually other contracted performers must use their own equipment.

I have more questions, which is the fastest way to contact you?

Right now! Send text to 863-207-2084 and 787-635-9999, we check messages at all times. We will answer immediately for more information without any commitment. Our email is MickeyAndDaveLive@gmail.com

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